Writing is my day job. I’ve been living off my writing for over a decade, but not my creativity. My years as a journalist and technical writer honed my ability as a wordsmith, but ate into the creative side for far too long. Here I’m getting back to stories both old and new, for the page and screen, for my own voice and for the voices of others.

I’ve been writing my whole life it seems. From strange stories as a child, to my professional career as a science journalist and medical education writer, putting ideas down in text form has been how I’ve passed the time and made my living for as long as I can remember.

I’ve written dialogue for a video game, articles on robotic surgery, tie-in table top adventures for my sister’s novel, and co-plotted a comic book. Text is, in some ways, the most flexible of all storytelling media, because it can marry itself to spoken word, to image, to gaming, to theatre or film with such power. Indeed, the text itself can become a graphic element.

It’s probably my default mode of conveying story, even if much of my professional work in the medium has been non-fiction.


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