Heroic: The Role Playing Game

The big announcement out by Zenith Comics is that we’re putting out the HEROIC! The Role Playing Game .

The game is part of the Old School Revival (OSR), which for those of you who don’t do tabletop RPGs, is throwing back to very early versions of the hobby, games such as the original D&D, and in this case, Villains & Vigilantes as well. That means classes and hit points and AC, but we’ve done some interesting things with those, and mined inspiration from V&V for powers.

Zenith Comics’ Fearless Leader, Andrew Collas, explains the design thinking in his announcement video here. He’s assembled quite the team of people from the tabletop hobby to help out, so this should be an interesting ride. We’re in playtesting now, hammering out enough to get a solid basic edition in your hands quickly. We will do a kickstarter in the end, but it will just be to pay our artists.

For those of you who have heard me talking about it, this is not my personal system I’ve been toying with of late. That is born from a different tradition than OSR. I have every intention of getting back to that, but this has some serious people behind it, as well as a built in universe, and it will be fun to put something out and also get some RPG input from a very different perspective as I go back to my own personal design.

The HEROIC! The RPG tag is going to follow development and design thoughts as my first project for 2016, as I try to do more interesting stuff and make sure it gets recorded here.  Look for regular updates.