While I’ve always loved the visual, I have no skill in drawing or painting, and so thought it was always out of reach. I understood good visual construction, but  could not execute it myself.  Digital photography changed all that. I had been told I had a decent eye for a while, but when I ended up with a moderately decent camera and a lover who enjoyed posing for it, I discovered a whole new world.  I don’t have nearly enough time to devote to it, but over the last few years I’ve learned a great deal about writing in light. I’ve been blessed with the chance to photograph performers I like, art from talented people, gorgeous landscapes, lovely models and even people who never realized they liked posing for the camera.  I’ve gone from “that guy with a camera” to “photographer” and I’m still growing.

I’ve specialized mostly in portraiture and fashion, but am always looking for new ideas. I find a model with an idea of what they want an exciting prospect.

I am available for headshots, model portfolio work, and events. Check out the gallery for some of my work.

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