I’ve always enjoyed performing. I had the great good fortune to grow up in New York City and be part of the early years of the National Dance Institute (which still does great work introducing children to the arts to this day). From there I’ve dabbled in and out of performance my entire life. I did a stint as a stand up comedian in Montreal and Indiana in my youth, have been in a few independent films, and done theatre in Boston and Montreal. Of late I’ve been doing storytelling here in Montreal – often in slams, with a 5-minute time limit and judge in the audience. While I’ve been paid for all of these at one time or another, mostly I’ve performed for the joy of performing or sometimes just because it is an interesting or challenging project.

I am available for roles, although with a full time job these days, scheduling is an issue. I have been considering returning to stand up, and still will host or MC evenings.


(Links to credits – Morrighan films?)

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