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The SlamTastique Story Slam returned last night, with a new locale, the wonderful Cafe Mariposa. The locale is an intimate and supportive venue, and really suits storytelling, with almost no barrier between teller and audience.

As per the rules, I did not win. (Yes, that is a rule.) That honour went to the highly deserving of Kym Dominique-Ferguson – who produces Madpoetix and The Art of Aural Sex. He won with the Jamaican version of Anansi and the tar baby (specifically version c – the grave), and did the story proud.

No recordings of the performances this time, although I suspect Hobbes will get back to recording the evening as the new venue takes off.

We were blessed with a musical feature act for the first time, Sam Cave, who I think will be making further appearances at the Slam, Madpoetix, and probably the Voix de Ville at the Wiggle Room.

It was nice to be back on stage, and I will be back on March 25 for the next show, probably with a feature tale in the second half, at request.