In which I agree with Grant Morrison

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While I liked Animal Man, in general I have not been a fan of Grant Morrison’s work in comics. I didn’t hate it, it just mostly hasn’t interested me. But I may pick up his new Wonder Woman comic, though. While I am deeply suspicious of his working queer themes and kink into the book (not because they shouldn’t be there, but my impression is he won’t do a great job handling it), I do like what he has to say about how he approached the character.

So my advice would be, study the original material and also make yourself as familiar as you can with the rest of what’s been done with the character. Because there have been so many different interpretations. There’s always a different one. The new generation will be the film interpretation and that will be Wonder Woman for a lot of people. So this, again, is just a little facet of the jewel that is Wonder Woman, to have a look at and think about.

He also mentions wanting to move away from the Greek Mythology focus and bring back aspects of the weird super science, which I think is a great idea.

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