Heroic RPG Update

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How quickly things change.

So due to a combination of design decisions and someone else working in the Old School D&D space, the Heroic RPG has ventured off in another direction. As Andrew mentions in his video here, the core of the game is going to be based on the beloved classic Marvel Super Heroes. Consider it a spiritual successor, rather than a clone. It’s still definitely part of the OSR in many ways, since it is going back to basics in many ways.

It’s definitely overturned the apple cart from the original approach. Personally, I’ve always preferred the MSH approach to Supers than D&D. The biggest thing I like I about it has always been it is one of the simplest systems to wrap your head around what the stats mean. To this day, people who played that game can use the stats descriptors to rank everything. We aren’t quite going that way, but there’s a lot of good here, and I do think it will be a system that will play supers wonderfully.

It will be a fun road to walk.

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